Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arvada Residents Support Favorite Causes Online

Chris and Paul Duncan are longtime residents of Arvada who donated to their favorite charities online this past December. Paul works in a forensic engineering business and Chris is a personal trainer. They have four children, and strong commitment to philanthropy. Here’s what they told us about their experience with Colorado Gives Day:

How did you learn about Colorado Gives Day?
We learned about it through the informative flyers from Work Options for Women.

How do you typically make your donations?
We make numerous year-end donations, with about half of them online and half via check. There are advantages to both, but donating online is certainly quick and efficient. It’s a simple process that saves us a lot of time making donations to multiple organizations.

What organizations have you supported recently?
We donated to a number of organizations on Colorado Gives Day. A few of these were:

Work Options for Women because they assist women in helping themselves. They use the philosophy that “teaching a person to fish is better than giving a fish.” This organization has a tremendous success rate of training women with a skill they can use to enhance their own futures.

Tennyson Center for Children
because they work to help children and parents learn coping skills to be able to function 'normally' in the future. No child or parent is a “lost cause.” There is much work to be done for healing and skill-building to mend families, but this center works methodically to create success.

Adams Camp
supports the special needs population and enables their clients to have an extraordinary “summer camp” experience.

Habitat for Humanity
helps people help themselves. Again, the “teach a person to fish” concept we support.What inspires you to give?
Donating to nonprofit organizations has been important to us for as long as we can remember. It is a principle we have learned through our Christian heritage.How do you decide which organizations to support?
Although nearly all nonprofits are outstanding, the organizations that keep overhead low and work to help the helpless or help adults help themselves are our favorites.

Thank you to Chris and Paul.
What inspires you to give?