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Blueprints for Donor Retention

To expand upon the discussion of retaining your new Colorado Gives Day donors, this week we are featuring excerpts from a blog by Director of Resource Development Christy Bergman and Marketing & Business Development Associate Ali Brieske from JVA.
JVA provides social enterprises, nonprofits and government agencies with the tools and resources they need to succeed, sustain and scale.
Ali: Now that we have these new donors, how do we keep them?
Christy:Great question—and the most important. It is far less expensive to keep a current donor than it is to find a new one. And retention is really all about stewardship—the process of thanking, recognizing and communicating impact to your donors. Stewardship is what keeps retention rates high, and even makes upgrades possible. When your donors are happy, it means that you know who they are and why they give. You’re making it clear that their investment is meaningful and appreciated.

Ali: How do you start building stewardship or donor retention…