Thursday, November 21, 2013

Colorado Gives Day & Social Media – Quick Tips for Your Nonprofit

By Lisa Lujan, Online Giving Coordinator, Community First Foundation

December 10, 2013 marks the fourth annual Colorado Gives Day! As always, our goal is not only to help raise millions of dollars for fabulous Colorado nonprofits, but to help you engage with donors via social media (last year, Facebook was the #1 referring site to

Here are a few tips to help your social media on Colorado Gives Day be a success:

  1. Begin by liking our ColoradoGives Facebook page and/or following us on Twitter – not only will you be privy to great inside information, but you’ll also be part of a larger conversation involving over 1,400 nonprofits throughout the state and thousands of donors.
  2. Be sure to check out our Social Media Guidelines & Sample Copy for Colorado Gives Day 2013 for tips, tools and suggested copy to use before and on the big day.
  3. Tag on your Facebook and Twitter pages by using the @ symbol in front of the name in your post. By typing @ColoradoGives, a hyperlink to the Facebook page will be created automatically. 
  4.  Use the hashtag #CoGivesDay on both Twitter and Facebook; this helps consolidate all conversations specifically about the big day.
  5. What should you post about? Share your goals, successes and key messages. And be sure to thank your donors. You can never thank them too much and they love hearing about your success on the big day, such as how much you raised or how many people came to your event. Examples:
    • “Help us raise $X on #CoGivesDay to build a house for a family in need!” 
    • “100% of your donation comes to us on #CoGivesDay!”
    • “Thank you to everyone who supported us on #CoGivesDay!
    • We raised enough to pay for over XXX nutritious meals for XX people @ColoradoGives”)
Encourage donors to post this badge on Facebook!

  Finally, post the "I Gave" on Colorado Gives Day graphic to your Facebook page and encourage donors to share it on their own pages.

For additional tips and information, check out the Nonprofit Toolkit or feel free to contact us at 720-898-5900 or email us at

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Communications Director Offers Media Tips

By Kayla Arnesen, APR, Director of Strategic Communications, Community First Foundation

I am pleased to have joined Community First Foundation in October as director of strategic communications. In this role, I am responsible for the Foundation’s marketing, branding and public relations activities. I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a wonderful organization dedicated to strengthening Colorado nonprofits and inspiring philanthropy.

Tips for working with the media
Nonprofit organizations are all about people and providing services to help improve lives. Therefore, the nonprofit community is in a great position to feed the media’s need for human interest stories.  The key to success is knowing when your ideas are newsworthy.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you approach the media:
  1. Is my idea really newsworthy? If you saw the same story about another agency, would it grab your attention? 
  2. Does my idea have drama or solve a dilemma? The media loves stories about people making a unique difference, people assisting others in times of crisis, and people helping children, rescuing animals, caring for the elderly, employing the physically challenged, and saving the environment. 
  3. Does my story idea have a bit of uniqueness and emotional appeal? Always develop your story around people and the exceptional things they are doing. Provide access to the local hero who saved the day and to those who have been helped. 
Do not be discouraged if your idea is rejected. Many great stories simply are not told due to staffing, timing and travel limitations. Continue to periodically present newsworthy, well-crafted, and thoughtful stories to the media. You will build credibility and tip the scales in favor of your nonprofit.