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Meet Karma, a Kid for ColoradoGives!

By Samantha Barlow, Communications Coordinator at Community First Foundation

Karma Lynne is 10 years old. She’s a fifth grader, a Lakewood resident and a community volunteer. She’s also a Kid for ColoradoGives!
Kids for ColoradoGives is a new program that allows young donors to experience the joy of giving. Community First Foundation created, a kid-friendly component of the website, to connect the next generation of Colorado givers with local nonprofit organizations.
This weekend, we interviewed Karma about her experience using the new site.
Q. What did you think when your grandmother, Lynne Valencia, asked you to check out with her? A. I was excited to give money to places that help others. I never knew there were so many organizations in Colorado that do good.
Q. Did you learn something new on A. I really liked looking for organizations that help animals. That is where I wanted to donate. When …