Monday, April 4, 2011

Colorado Gives Day Report: What Does the Data Tell Us?

By Angela Bevacqua, Communications Specialist

98% of nonprofits received a donation.

That’s my favorite statistic from the Colorado Gives Day 2010 Giving Report we released today. It tells me that virtually all of the 539 nonprofits participating in the initiative got something out of it. The nonprofits averaged more than $15,000 in donations, with the median amount more than $4,500 per organization.

I also like the statistic that 83% of nonprofits reported that they acquired new donors. We’ve been told by organizations such as Boulder County Aids project that 45% of their donors on CO Gives Day were new. Women’s Bean Project reported 58% new.

The number of website visits to on Colorado Gives Day –nearly 24,000—is impressive, too. It shows us that is a growing resource for people who want to learn about local charities.

And although there is a concentration of both nonprofits and people in the Denver metro area, people from 75% of the counties in Colorado made a donation on December 8.

The most common donation size through dropped from $100 pre-recession to $50 in the heart of the recession. Yet on Colorado Gives Day the most common gift size popped back up to $100.

A fun fact from the Colorado Gives Day report is that one individual made 41 donations for a total of $3,900. I know the feeling of getting on GivingFirst and wanting to keep adding organizations to my shopping cart!

To read more findings from Colorado Gives Day, visit Colorado Gives Day 2010 Report.
Happy reading!