Monday, July 10, 2017

How Users Are Kind of Like Wonder Woman: 10 Years of Reliable Donations

By Lisa Lujan, Online Giving Coordinator

I have a confession: I really liked Wonder Woman when I was growing up. Not the super cool Wonder Woman you see now, I’m talking the spinning, stiletto wearing, cheesy music, 1970s Wonder Woman T.V. series starring Lynda Carter.

My brother, sister and I would run home to watch it, big 1970s glasses and all. Then we would pretend that just like Diana Prince – Wonder Woman’s alias – we too could fight injustice with our lasso of truth, shield bracelets and boomerang-like tiara. One of the best parts about Wonder Woman is she’s reliable. She’s there to help human kind no matter what. In that way, and its users are kind of like Wonder Woman.

For the last 10 years, has served as the online giving resource for givers and do-ers throughout our great state. Just like the way Wonder Woman uses her powers for the good of humanity, serves as a resource to fuel the power of community for the greater good. It’s dependable, secure and features more than 2,000 nonprofits.’s superhuman strength hasn’t been achieved in a vacuum. It’s alongside our unstoppable givers and do-ers that has achieved success with more than $200 million given through the site since its inception in 2007. Of particular note is that more than $8 million came through the site as recurring donations, helping more than 1,000 nonprofits receive reliable donations.

There will always be new technologies and areas of need in our communities. To that end, the  new website launching in August not only has a new look and feel, but is created to better meet the needs of our community with improved responsive design, better social sharing abilities, easier navigation and much more.

Together our community has achieved great things, phenomenal things. By continuing to provide a reliable site where givers can provide both one-time and recurring donations, we can continue to face the obstacles in our path…providing help for humanity and hope for the future, just like Wonder Woman.