Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Winning Ways: What Nonprofits Have to Say About Excelling on Colorado Gives Day

By Angela Bevacqua, Senior Communications Specialist

My favorite webinar to put together is the one that shares the strategic and creative ways nonprofits promote Colorado Gives Day. If you missed this recent webinar, watch the recording here 
for some inspiration for your own promotional plans! This and other related videos can be found in the Colorado Gives Day NonprofitToolkit. 

Here are some takeaways I compiled from Wendy White’s (Executive Director of Larimer Chorale) segment, representing a small nonprofit:
  • Make sure your board of directors and volunteers are your advocates. They can create fundraising pages that reach new donors. 
  • Finish your ColoradoGives profile as early as possible so you can link to it in all of your electronic materials.
  • Push hard for donations when scheduled donations begin on November 1 so people can take action right away.
  • Give people something to aim for, such as “help us raise money to build our orchestra.”
  • Emphasize that you have been vetted by Community First Foundation to participate in ColoradoGives.

Maggie Schlundt and Sarah Wallace with Creede Repertory Theater shared these thoughts:
  • Make sure you create a marketing strategy with a timeline and goals.
  • If you set a goal, make sure you keep people updated on how you are doing, and whether you meet the goal.
  • Thank you's are so important. Follow-up is just as important (if not more), as lead-up.
  • Solicit your own match to motivate donors.
  • Connect supporters with you through lots of different avenues.

Amy Farnan and Becky Plunkett with Craig Hospital Foundation, said:
  • Capitalize on and share personal stories of clients/patients who can be your ambassadors.
  • Strategy is really important. Figure out how to stand out and get your message across.
  • Promote scheduled donations on Giving Tuesday (December 1 this year).
  • Get your board and staff on board to share your message!
  • Your board members are usually among your largest donors; encourage them to make their annual gift to you on Colorado Gives Day. If you’re in the midst of a capital campaign, encourage your donors to make their donations on Colorado Gives Day.

Watch the recording to get even more gems of advice.