Thursday, December 10, 2015

Colorado Gives Day Is About More Than Numbers

By Marla J. Williams, President & CEO, Community First Foundation

Yesterday, along with many of you, we watched the Colorado Gives Day counter track the number of dollars, donations and nonprofits receiving gifts. We updated the total dollars raised every few hours on our Facebook page and applauded as the numbers mounted.

As the final hours drew closer, we crossed our fingers—would we beat last year’s numbers? If so, by how much?

After donations surpassed our expectations ($26.2 million in donations last year) and we cheered over the final number ($28.4 million raised), we paused to remind ourselves that the success of Colorado Gives Day is measured by more than just a number:

Colorado Gives Day is a success because it makes it easy and fun for thousands of donors to make a big difference for hundreds of nonprofits.

It’s a success because it mobilizes nonprofits and sparks their creative fundraising.

It’s a success because hundreds of nonprofits end the day stronger with greater resources to sustain and improve their programs.

It’s a success because it energizes people around the state to think bigger and flex their generosity muscles.

It’s a success because it reminds us how lucky we are and how good it feels to care about others.

What does success mean to you?

We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to the Colorado Gives Day movement. Let’s carry that feel-good spirit through the holidays!

Congratulations from Community First Foundation