Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fundraising Pages: A Tool for Success

By Lisa Lujan, Online Giving Coordinator, Community First Foundation

Did you know that you can maximize your success on Colorado Gives Day or any day with our ColoradoGives Fundraising Pages campaign tool?

Fundraising Pages can be used by your supporters to raise money for your organization by creating their own fundraising page and sending it out to their network.

Take, for example, Beka Wilson who recently shared her organization’s (Conservation Colorado) success on Colorado Gives Day in our most recent webinar, Maximizing Success with Fundraising Pages. Of the many tips Beka shared, here are some of the highlights:

  1. Make it easy for your supporters to fundraise for your organization by creating templates for them to use (such as letters, emails and posts for social media) to promote their page.
  2. Ask a volunteer or intern to create Fundraising Pages for board or staff members who would like to support your organization but may not have the time to create a page themselves. Be sure to use their actual email addresses, to share the log-in information with them and the specifics of the donor account you created for them (including the Donor Terms of Service).
  3. Create a Google Doc (or some other easily accessible document) that shows everyone who’s created a page for your organization, what donors gave, and how much they gave so that those who haven’t given yet can be easily contacted by the individual they are networked with.
  4. Individually meet with staff to help them set up their personal fundraising goal.
  5. Secure and advertise prizes for staff as early as possible to encourage engagement and get them excited about fundraising on your behalf.
To learn more about how to create ColoradoGives Fundraising Pages as a donor, click here.

Super Campaigns
We also offer super campaigns which allow you to group donor fundraising pages onto a single page with all of their goals and amounts displayed together as an overall goal and amount. You can then share the URL for the super campaign to promote a larger event/activity.

Super campaigns provide people with one spot where they can see all of the donor fundraising pages associated with that campaign and choose the ones they would like to give through. An example of what this could look like might be that the board is running in the same marathon to support your organization. To learn more about super campaigns, click here.

As always, do contact us if you have any questions at cogives@communityfirstfoundation.org and good luck!

Sample Fundraising Page