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How a Bill Becomes a Law

By Dana Rinderknecht, Director of Online Giving, Community First Foundation
I admit it. I loved School House Rock as a kid, especially the one where a bill becomes a law ( This year, thanks to the work of the Colorado Nonprofit Association and in collaboration with Mile High United Way, Community First Foundation was a part of passing a bill into a law. HB1190 became a law on May 3rd, when Governor Hickenlooper signed it.
What is HB1190? Well, according to the legislative website: …allowing a taxpayer to make a donation to an intermediary nonprofit organization for the Enterprise Zone Contribution Tax Credit
What this means is that donors can make donations via a nonprofit such as Mile High United Way or to pre-approved Enterprise Zone organizations.  Donors then receive the additional tax credit available.
The process to pass a bill was almost exactly like they talk about in the video. It started as an idea after we worked wit…