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Blog 1: Tips on How to Read Form 990

By Angela Bevacqua, Senior Communications Specialist

Have you ever been advised to look at a nonprofit’s Form 990 before making a donation? Then you look at it and wonder how to make sense of it all? If you aren’t an accountant or nonprofit administrator, you may avoid the daunting task.

On our online giving website, we require nonprofits to provide several documents, including the Form 990 as appropriate, to encourage transparency about their programs and finances. We don’t evaluate nonprofits on the website; we require nonprofits to share information to help donors make informed decisions about giving.

I asked Community First Foundation’s finance department to help us interpret this useful document. We will do this in two blogs: Blog 1 shares the basics of Form 990 and Blog 2 delves deeper. 

Q: What exactly is the Form 990?
Form 990, called the Return of Organizations Exempt From Income Tax, must be filed with the IRS each year by charitable organizations exempt from Fe…