Thursday, September 4, 2014

Now for the Fun Part

By Angela Bevacqua, Senior Communications Specialist, Community First Foundation

After a collective sigh of relief that our ColoradoGives profiles are done (yes, we prepare one, too), it’s onward to more fun things! Now is when many of you will start implementing your marketing plan for Colorado Gives Day.

Use This Pre-Made Ad
For starters, revisit the Planning Timeline we created to help you prepare month by month.

We also encourage you to make friends with the Nonprofit Toolkit where you’ll find key messages, logos, pre-made ads, educational recordings and a lot more. A great refresher would be to watch the following series of short Colorado Gives Day videos:

The Key Facts
Show this 2+ minute video to volunteers, staff and anyone who needs a basic introduction to Colorado Gives Day.

Marketing - Best Practices
This 6.5 minute video is a MUST for anyone responsible for CO Gives Day marketing communications and development.

The Nonprofit Toolkit
This video outlines the content of the toolkit, such as logos, pre-made ads, and a co-brandable postcard. This is also an important video for marketing communications staff.

Additional short videos are coming soon, such as Prizes & The Incentive Fund and How to Measure Results, so check back on the Nonprofit Toolkit page.

Finally, get your creative juices flowing by listening to the upcoming webinar called
Creative Marketing: How Three Nonprofits Met Their Goals on Colorado Gives Day. This webinar features three very different organizations that have something to teach us all.

Are we missing something you need to promote Colorado Gives Day? Let the marketing department know at