Thursday, July 7, 2011

Denver Kids, Inc. Heats Up Fundraising Pages

Are you ready to put on your fundraising hat and really work it?

In our last blog, Dana Rinderknecht, manager of, introduced Fundraising Pages. These are customizable web pages available on that help individuals raise money for the nonprofits they believe in.

I met up with Michelle Maldonado, the development coordinator at Denver Kids, Inc., a nonprofit that helps Denver Public School students who live in higher risk environments to successfully complete high school, pursue post-secondary options and become contributing members of the community. Michelle shared with me how Fundraising Pages work for them.

Denver Kids, Inc. is involved in a few big events a year to raise money for their mission—the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon and Summer Solstice Golf Marathon. Staff and other supporters run the race and golf for donations that go to Denver Kids, Inc. Until this year they have used paper letters to get donations and sorted through manual checks.

This year they started using Fundraising Pages to make it all easier—and all online. Here are some perks of the online tool Michelle shared with me, and one “hot tip.”

Why Fundraising Pages?

  • You can share links to Fundraising Pages online, which is more efficient and less expensive than mailing paper letters
  • Donations can be given online rather than through physical checks
  • Unlike some other online fundraising page tools, it is free to use and there are no online processing fees on the first $50,000 donated per year per organization
  • A visual thermometer helps you and your supporters track how close you are to goal
  • Each person can create and personalize her own page
  • Hot tip: Set your goal high—it motivates people to help you reach it!
To learn more, visit the Fundraising Information page on

By Angela Bevacqua, Communications Specialist

Supporter Heather Johnson’s Fundraising Page for the Colfax Marathon benefiting Denver Kids, Inc.