Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Fast and Furious Growth

By Angela Bevacqua, Senior Communications Specialist
We are just under one month away until Colorado Gives Day, and the energy at Community First Foundation is frenetic!

Dana, our GivingFirst manager, has been sequestered in her office, reviewing and approving hundreds of nonprofits who are joining the site since September. She juggles approving the profiles while answering lots of calls and emails each day. (Stay tuned to this blog for the final number of nonprofits participating in CO Gives Day!)

Bryce, our project coordinator, is pouring over nonprofit documents that need to be in order before a new profile goes live.

Caitlin, our new communications manager, is a blur as she darts through the office, getting incredible media coverage lined up for the weeks leading up to the big day.

I am fielding numerous emails about marketing tools and planning for a January Colorado Gives Day celebration for nonprofit participants (details TBA)-- where High Five prize winners will be announced. Our leadership is successfully signing up Bonus Bucks sponsors and, truly, every one of our 13 staff members have a hand in Colorado Gives Day.

Although Colorado Gives Day drives hundreds of new nonprofits to join, the site has been growing fast and furiously all on its own merits.

Here’s what we’re seeing with online donations this year:

·         More than 800 nonprofits are joining, up from 540 last year

·         Donations are up 82 percent this year, and stood at $2.2 million as of October 31, 2011.

·         More than 18,700 donations have been processed through GivingFirst through October 31, 2011, up 108 percent.

·         In October alone, we've processed $380,000 in donations through GivingFirst compared to $216,000 last year

Stay tuned!

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