Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Family Uses Thanksgiving Break to Schedule Donations

By Angela Bevacqua, Senior Communications Specialist

After your family recovers from its “L-Tryptophan slump” this Thanksgiving, why not use your holiday break to spread thanks to the nonprofits that serve our communities?

Christine Moreland, Community First Foundation’s Controller, had the idea that Thanksgiving break—when her three daughters would be home together—would be a meaningful time to teach them about charitable giving.

By using Colorado Gives Day as the catalyst, Christine and her husband are giving each child $100 to make their own personal selections on the website ColoradoGives.org.

Tricia, Trina and Tristin Moreland

“My husband and I have always been charitable, but we have never involved the kids before,” said Christine. “We’re taking this opportunity to teach them how to use ColoradoGives.org and review local charities.”

A Passion for the Arts
Christine’s children are passionate about the arts (see the Arts, Culture & Humanities nonprofits featured on ColoradoGives.org), having been involved in theater and dance performance for much of their youth. So their giving will likely center around organizations that provide cultural experiences. “We advise them to make the experience personal by giving to the causes that move them,” adds Christine.

Scheduling Early
Christine’s family can even participate in Colorado Gives Day during their break by scheduling donations early. From November 1 – December 7, donors can schedule donations by going through the donation process on ColoradoGives.org and simply selecting “CO Gives Day” under Donation Type in the checkout Cart (pictured below).

In this way, donations are “held” and automatically run on December 8, when the value of every donation is increased by the $1 Million Incentive Fund.

The final step? Let your friends know on social media by sharing the "I Gave Early" badge (pictured below) and start a new tradition!

Choose "CO Gives Day" for the Donation to Processon Colorado Gives Day, Dec. 8

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