Thursday, November 5, 2015

How One Clever Colorado Gives Day Campaign is Promoting Epilepsy Awareness

The 6th Colorado Gives Day is right around the corner – set to kick off this year on December 8th – and over 1,700 Colorado nonprofits are gearing up for the statewide movement, crafting memorable and fun campaigns to promote their cause.

We caught up with the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) to see what they had planned for this year’s event. They shared with us their plans for social media and e-mail marketing and gave some tips other nonprofits can use to craft their own campaigns. Here’s what EFCO is up to:

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado’s #FlatCamper Campaign

What it is: You’ve heard of Flat Stanley and his ventures across the globe; now you can have similar adventures with EFCO’s #flatcamper campaign, all in the name of a great cause!

How it works: EFCO has created both boy and girl Flat Camper drawings, available for download on their website. They are asking supporters to download and "style" their camper, then take them on an adventure to share on social media. Supporters are using EFCO’s coined hashtag #flatcamper to share photos on social media with a link to the donation page, and the campaign is already starting to take off with photos being posted to both Twitter and Facebook!

Why the campaign works: EFCO leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy for the Colorado community. Programs include Project UPLIFT, Rock 'N Rally Summer Camp for Kids, and the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp, to name a few. The organization’s most popular programs are their summer camps and the #FlatCamper campaign works to promote these camps, as well as general awareness of their foundation, while providing a fun way to interact with supporters.

Tips for Nonprofits to Craft Their Own Colorado Gives Day Campaign
For an effective Colorado Gives Day Campaign, nonprofits should be sure to use their current support network by reaching out on their website, social media and e-mail. Here are some tips to help you promote your own winning campaign:

Website Announcements
Make sure to post information about Colorado Gives Day on your website – and don’t forget a link directly to your donation page. Including impact statements for a range of donation amounts helps your supporters understand exactly where their donation dollars are going. Some of EFCO’s impact statements include:

  • $15 provides a camper the experience of crafts at the YMCA of the Rockies
  • $45 provides a monthly bus pass or medication to someone in need
  • $250 sends a child to Rock n’ Rally camp for 3 days
  • $550 sends a teen to Jason’s Camp for 5 days

Social Media Posts and Shares
It is no secret that images and video attract the most social media likes and shares. So why not ask your supporters to share their stories along with photos? Make sure there are clearly labeled links to your social media pages on your website as well as in any e-mails you send out. Giving followers options to interact increases your chances of participation. Here are some ideas:
  • Caption this photo – ask your social media followers to help you caption a funny or cute image on Facebook
  • Share your favorite stories – if your supporters have shared testimonials or stories with you on social, like and share them to get the word out
  • Promote the "I Gave Early" badge – share a link to the badge and ask anyone who donates to let their network know they gave to a great cause!
E-mail Blasts
As a nonprofit, your supporter list is one of the most valuable pieces of information you have. Once you’ve created your cute and clever campaign, sit down and work backwards to create your e-mail announcements. Sending weekly or bi-weekly e-mails to your top fans will only help grow your campaign.

Make sure to send a kick-off e-mail to your best supporters early, letting them know you’d like their help. Some may be able to donate, some may want to help in other ways, so make sure to give your supporters multiple options to participate. Some ideas you can copy and paste are:

  1. Share a link to our donation page on your Facebook or Twitter
  2. Like your favorite picture on any of our social media accounts
  3. Provide a testimonial for the our services
  4. Forward the e-mail to friends/family/coworkers

Now that you have the ammunition you need, it’s time to start building and promoting your own campaign. Here is to another successful year for everyone and many more to follow!

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